The Sundown Kid- A Southwestern Shabbat

The Sundown Kid- A Southwestern Shabbat

by Barbara Bietz
August House Publishers, 2017

During the early days of settling the “Wild West”, there were many Jewish families who became fearless pioneers seeking to create new communities in the desolate terrain. In this story, a young boy and his family move to the desert Southwest where they are the only Jewish family in their small town. Despite keeping busy with chores, adapting to their new home among strangers proves challenging. Every Shabbat, Mama complains that there is “too much soup, not enough family.” The young boy has an idea to help relieve Mama’s homesickness and invites their new neighbors for Shabbat dinner. By honoring the Jewish value of inviting guests into their home for a meal, the family creates a sense of community in their new town.

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What Reviewers are saying…
Early reviews…

“This is a gorgeous little book for children, beautifully illustrated, explaining the concepts of hospitality and sharing the blessings of Shabbat in a simple and fun way. Reading it was a delight.” Elizabeth at The Garden Window

“Five Stars. A welcome addition to any Jewish children’s book collection. Captures the feelings of isolation Jewish settlers in the West must have experienced–and the joy of celebrating Shabbat with guests. John Kanzler’s graceful illustrations in a Southwestern palette enhance the mood of this delightful tale.” Net Galley Reviewer

“The illustrations, done by John Kanzler are fun, showing lots of emotions and large. Discussion can go on just with the illustrations alone. This is a great book to have in school and classroom libraries to share and read aloud for various subjects such as learning about different cultures, different holidays, values of sharing and friendship and more.” Carla Johnson-Hicks, Goodreads